Video footage of hesitant Ryan Giggs fails to inspire confidence among Wales fans

Video footage of hesitant Ryan Giggs fails to inspire confidence among Wales fans

Video footage of Ryan Giggs that has been doing the rounds on social media today has fans of the Wales national team feeling pretty nervous.

The former United winger recently appointed Wales manager on a four-year contract – his first permanent role in football management.

He previously took interim charge of the Man United team following David Moyes’ departure in July 2013, where Giggs presided over two wins, a draw and a defeat in United’s final four games.

The footage shows Giggs speaking to assembled former teammates, preparing them to face Southampton.

Perhaps aware of the cameras, the former United winger appeared unsure of himself, repeating phrases like “give our fans something to shout about”.

His speech was met with little reaction from the players, who filed out of the room in silence.

Man United drew the game 1-1.

His time in the Old Trafford hotseat was shown in ITV fly-on-the-wall documentary ’Life of Ryan: Caretaker Manager’. In the programme, he admits to having problems sleeping and that he “started crying, started getting really emotional” after the final game.

“I think it was just a mixture of saying goodbye to people for maybe the last time and the pressure that I put myself under,” he added.

Giggs’ said today that he will tap into former United manager Alex Ferguson’s knowledge as he starts out on his first permanent job in football management.

“I had a short conversation with Sir Alex and he said the phone he is always there if I need him,” said Giggs, who has worked as a technical advisor for UEFA since leaving his role as United assistant coach in 2016.

“I am fortunate to have someone like that to lean on and there are plenty of players who I played with who I can tap into their experience as well.

“But I am my own man and it’s about making individuals better.

“I had a great (coaching) apprenticeship at United, but now I am ready to go on my own with Wales.”

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