WATCH: Ipswich manager Paul Lambert sent off in East Anglian derby

WATCH: Ipswich manager Paul Lambert sent off in East Anglian derby

Ipswich manager Paul Lambert was sent off in the East Anglian derby against his former side Norwich after a confrontation between both players and staff.

The rivals went head to head in the Sky Bet Championship on Sunday with emotions overflowing just before half-time.

It started as Jon Nolan clattered into a tackle on Max Aarons in the fourth minute of first-half added-time, with a melee of players squaring up to each other as referee Peter Bankes tried to calm the situation.

But the tensions spilled over onto the touchline as Lambert and Norwich’s Head of Performance Chris Domogalla shared some words with staff, stewards and police trying to break up the crowd.

Once the dust had settled slightly – with Lambert still furious – Bankes send off the Ipswich manager and Domogalla, with Lambert taking his place in the stands. Nolan was also shown a yellow card for his initial tackle.

“I saw the tackle, which was a nothing challenge, then I saw one of their two lads come in and am I supposed to stand back and watch my own lads get bullied? I’m not going to do that,” Lambert told Sky Sports after the game.

“To be fair to the lads they went toe to toe, which is part of the game, and then something happened which I wasn’t happy with, so that’s why I reacted. There were one or two things there, but it’s dealt with.”

Norwich boss Daniel Farke, meanwhile, didn’t want to be drawn on the incident, but he admitted he was unhappy with some of the language used by Ipswich’s staff on the sidelines.

“Ipswich had to try and break our rhythm and try and annoy us and take our concentration away, but I think the most important thing is that happens on the pitch.

“Like I said I’m full of respect for Paul’s great career on the pitch and he’s still a hero in Germany. There are some great lads at Ipswich, on the pitch and on the sidelines, but some of the lads used a few words that I wouldn’t want any children to hear.

“My feeling is you can lose a game but show a bit of class. I think 95 per cent of Ipswich’s staff did this, but not all of them.”

Hit play on the video above to see the incident.


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