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WWE Extreme Rules: Five key questions for Sunday night’s Box Office event

WWE Extreme Rules: Five key questions for Sunday night’s Box Office event

Four matches take place under stipulation and eight WWE championships will be on the line at Extreme Rules on Sunday night.

Braun Strowman and Bobby Lashley let battle commence in a last man standing match, Bayley has her hands full in a SmackDown title defence against both Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross under two-against-one handicap rules and there will be no holds barred when Roman Reigns and The Undertaker team up to take on Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre.

Things are fully loaded in the mixed tag match which pits Raw women’s champion Becky Lynch and Universal champion Seth Rollins against Baron Corbin and Lacey Evans; the winners will take all in that ‘last chance’ collision between the quartet.

Titles and stipulations, however, are only half of the conversation when it comes to a WWE pay-per-view, so what other issues are in play? We took a look…

Can The Undertaker restore some pride?

Through no direct fault of his own, recent Undertaker matches have been somewhat problematic. When he and Kane teamed up to face Triple H and Shawn Michaels at Crown Jewel, the contest was a long, drawn-out one in which several spots were missed and The Game tore a pectoral muscle.

Then at Super ShowDown, he was involved in a singles bout with Goldberg which saw the latter concussed and barely about to complete the match. Factor in jet lag, a scorching ringside temperature in an open-air arena and the controversial nature of the event in Saudi Arabia, and the end result was a match Undertaker fans found hard to love.

That was a great shame because The Undertaker himself is loved. He is one of the true legends of the business and he continues to spark interest from the fans whenever he appears.

Nobody more than The Undertaker will want to erase the memory of that Goldberg match – except perhaps Goldberg himself – and he has a great opportunity to do so at Extreme Rules.

Will Sasha Banks show up?

The return of a second pair of hands to help Bayley even the odds in her SmackDown women’s title defence against both Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross has been so heavily foreshadowed that it has started to feel like a red herring.

In promo after promo, Bayley has stressed the importance of friendship, and how the one between Cross and Bliss is a false proposition based entirely on the manipulation of the former by the latter.

Her best friend is, of course, Banks, who has been absent from WWE for several months after an alleged falling out with the company’s creative team.

Will she be back to help Bayley on Sunday night? Or is that obvious an outcome and that someone else will arrive to her rescue?

Will Brock Lesnar show up?

It has almost been forgotten on recent episodes of Raw and SmackDown that there is a certain Beast with a Money In The Bank briefcase lurking in the WWE shadows. Brock Lesnar can cash that opportunity in at any time he chooses, and the absence of that factor as a prominent storyline may not be entirely unintentional.

Seth Rollins’ focus has been placed entirely on Baron Corbin, to the point where it has consumed almost his entire world, girlfriend Becky Lynch and all.

Which begs the question: Has he forgotten about the true enemy that is yet to reveal himself, Lesnar? And, as an intriguing follow-up, considering both titles are on the line under the ‘winner takes all’ stipulation, if Lesnar cashes in and wins, does he also take Lynch’s women’s crown?

Is it time to coronate Heavy Machinery?

A strong argument could be made that Heavy Machinery’s Otis is one of the most popular competitors in WWE right now.

The hugely charismatic and enormously strong Dozovic provided an illustration of both of those qualities on SmackDown this week with a delayed double suplex, the likes of which has never been seen before.

So is now the right time to put the SmackDown tag titles on him and Tucker? Or could WWE wait for the bigger stage of SummerSlam next month and give the red-hot duo a much grander moment to remember?

Will Black and Cesaro produce the goods?

Aleister Black’s long journey to a fight was completed this week, when Cesaro – looking every inch the silk-smooth Bond villain – accepted his challenge on SmackDown.

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