February 21, 2019, 19:19

A Knife-Wielding Man Attacks Policemen Near Tunis Parliament – Reports

A Knife-Wielding Man Attacks Policemen Near Tunis Parliament – Reports

The suspected Islamist was reportedly familiar to local authorities for his radical views.

According to the Interior Ministry, a suspected Islamist has been arrested after attacking two policemen in Tunisia.

One of the wounded policemen was taken to hospital as he got a neck injury. The other is reportedly sustained light wounds.

“This morning a man attacked a traffic police patrol … and wounded one police officer in the neck and the other one in the forehead with a knife,” the the country’s interior ministry’s statement read.

No further details have been immediately available.

The security situation in Tunisia became tense after the country was hit by three deadly terrorist attacks in 2015, which killed a total of over 70 people and injured over 100 others, with the March 18 attack on the National Bardo Museum resulting in deaths of dozens, including foreigners. Daesh claimed responsibility for all three attacks.

In March 2016, the militants attacked army, police and the National Guard positions in the center of Ben Gardane, leaving at least 18 civilians dead.

Source: sputniknews.com

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