April 15, 2021, 0:11

Amazon Falls Out of Favor With Outraged Users for ‘Sneakily’ Adding a New Fee

Amazon Falls Out of Favor With Outraged Users for ‘Sneakily’ Adding a New Fee

Disappointed customers in the UK took to Twitter, complaining the online shopping platform unexpectedly added two new charges for its same-day delivery service.

Amazon has been criticized by its Prime Now subscribers for its recent “stealthy” changes: the internet shopping giant introduced a new fee and doubled the minimum spend for free delivery.

To become a member of Amazon’s same-day delivery service, Prime Now, users of were annually charged a £79 fee for faster delivery, which covers free delivery on purchases throughout the year. The changes mean shoppers will have to pay extra £3.99 delivery cost plus a £2 tip for the driver on orders under £40, while they previously only applied on items under £20.

The new charges were quietly rolled out for UK users in the past few weeks, but users started noticing the change in early November.

Some customers were so disappointed that they decided to part ways with Amazon.

Just several days earlier, Amazon UK came under fire for “killing the Christmas spirit.” Outraged parents slammed Amazon for an ad campaign, showing dad delivering presents instead of Santa Claus, saying that it ruined the holiday for children and forced them into “asking awkward questions.”

Source: sputniknews.com

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