June 17, 2019, 11:24

Beijing Urges Restraint as Tokyo Plans to Shoot Down North Korean Missiles

Beijing Urges Restraint as Tokyo Plans to Shoot Down North Korean Missiles

After Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and US President Donald Trump held a meeting on the North Korean issue in Tokyo, Abe said it was the time “for applying about maximum level of pressure on North Korea.”

MOSCOW (Sputnik) — The Chinese Foreign Ministry’s spokeswoman Hua Chunying stated Monday after Shinzo Abe’s comments that all the statements regarding the Pyongyang issue should contribute to the de-escalation of tensions, as the “situation on the Korean Peninsula is extremely complicated and sensitive.”

Earlier in the day, Japanese Prime Minister Abe said during a speech following his meeting with Donald Trump that Japan plans to impose additional sanctions and freeze the assets of 35 DPRK entities and individuals in order to resolve “the nuclear, missile and, most importantly, abduction issues of North Korea.”

Answering questions from reporters, Abe noted that the interception and shooting down of North Korea’s missiles is possible through the coordination of actions between Japan and the United States.

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Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump noted that if Japan purchased military equipment from the United States, the country would be capable of shooting down Pyongyang’s missiles.

Abe also stressed that Japan and the United States intend to work together with China and Russia in order to resolve the crisis over North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs.

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In September, DPRK carried out its sixth nuclear test, making a significant progress in its nuclear capabilities. In addition, numerous ballistic missiles tests were held over the summer, which inevitably caused the concern of the international community. The UN Security Council adopted a resolution and imposed tough sanctions on North Korea, restricting oil exports and banning imports of textile products from the Asian nation, as well as the country’s access to gas liquids. However, the country refuses to back down and engage in dialogue. The US has threatened to “totally destroy” the nation and boosted the US military presence in the region, holding regular military drills with regional partners.

After the visit to Japan, Trump will travel to South Korea, China and Vietnam, where he will join the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum and will finish his journey in the Philippines on November 12-14.

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