April 11, 2021, 0:47

Bill Clinton’s Sexual Misconduct ‘Not a Political Issue but a Man Problem’

Bill Clinton’s Sexual Misconduct ‘Not a Political Issue but a Man Problem’

In the wake of the recent sex scandal in the US, four more women have come forward with accusations against Bill Clinton, adding fuel to the burning debate.

The Los Angeles Times columnist Robin Abcarian has urged against using the reported cases of sexual harassment as a political tool against current and former high-profile politicians and leave it as a “man problem.”

Robin Abcarian’s comments come in the wake of the recent revelations of four women about the 42nd US president Bill Clinton, whom they accused of sexual assault in the early 2000s while he was working with billionaire investor Ron Burkle.

Amid the continuous sex exposes in the US and in the UK, the Los Angeles Times columnist urged to review all the cases as “a man problem, not an ideology problem.”

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“Sexual harassment is neither a Republican problem nor a Democratic one,” she wrote in her op-ed for the newspaper referring to similar accusations of Donald Trump.

“Instead of engaging in a partisan bickerfest, though, we need to talk about what the hell is going on in a country where in the last six weeks, an entitled and powerful man is accused of sexual misconduct at a rate that seems like once every 60 minutes,” the reporter elaborated.

Neither is it the public’s business to discuss the relationship between two married people, she noted, referring to the Clintons, and suggested allowing the problem to be dealt with by the family at their own discretion.

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