September 26, 2020, 19:38

China Secretly Testing New Amphibious Armored Troop Carriers

China Secretly Testing New Amphibious Armored Troop Carriers

Photos appearing on Chinese social media forums suggest that China is testing a 6 x 6 amphibious armored vehicle, IHS Jane’s reports.

Two slightly different variants of the vehicle were posted. The first armored vehicle featured an electro-optic fixture on its roof, a machine gun, mounted grenade launchers and a ramp for troops to enter and egress in the vehicle’s rear.

The second vehicle had a similar frame but was slightly longer. The extra length provides the vehicle with more space to store equipment, weapons or an addition power unit.

Speaking at the 19th Congress of China’s Communist Party in mid-October, General Secretary Xi Jinping vowed to revamp the People’s Liberation Army and ensure the PLA was a world-class fighting force by 2050. “China’s dream of a strong national army will be realized,” Xi said.

RIA Novosti’s Andrei Kotz noted that, “This year alone, China’s defense budget grew by 7 percent to over 78 billion yuan, or about $156 billion US. This is according to official data. According to unofficial estimates, when taking into account secret budget articles, China’s military spending has already topped $200 billion.”


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