September 18, 2020, 15:42

Chinese Couple’s White Wedding Nightmare

Chinese Couple’s White Wedding Nightmare

Newlyweds in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province are demanding a full refund from their wedding planner over a taboo choice of color.

The husband, surnamed Jin, said the couple was all set for their wedding day on October 22 when they arrived at the hall to a shock.

Instead of the champagne color scheme they had ordered, the reception hall was decked out in white. In Chinese culture, the color white symbolizes death and is reserved for funerary rites and mourners.

“M wife refused to step inside and finish the wedding,” said Jin.

“There should have been trees on the main stage decorated with flowers.”

Jin said he had paid the company 26,500 yuan ($4,000) for the event.

The company’s decorator, surnamed Ge, said there had been a miscommunication while she delegated the job to another designer.

Jin is insisting on a full refund, plus an apology. The dispute is not yet resolved.

This article originally appeared the Global Times.


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