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Explosion in Kiev: Ukrainian Official Wounded, Bodyguard Killed

Explosion in Kiev: Ukrainian Official Wounded, Bodyguard Killed

Explosion in Kiev: Ukrainian Official Wounded, Bodyguard Killed
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A powerful blast in the central Kiev’s district, near the office of the private TV Broadcaster, has seriously wounded at least five persons and killed the bodyguard of the Parliament’s Lawmaker. The Ukrainian authorities have specified the deadly incident as an act of “terrorism” and have launched an immediate investigation.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) — A deadly detonation in Solomenskiy district of Kiev late on Wednesday has killed the security guard of the opposition Radical Party member Ihor Mosiychuk. The Ukrainian authorities reported later that at least five persons, including Mosiychuk and political analyst Vitaly Bala, were seriously injured.   

Ihor Mosiychuk’s press office confirmed in a Facebook posting that the deceased man was Lawmaker’s bodyguard. It extended condolences to his family, saying he had sacrificed his life to protect the others. 

According to the Ukrainian Police’s statement, an explosive device was allegedly installed into the parked motorcycle and was remotely detonated, when Mosiychuk was near the entrance of the privately-owned TV Espresso channel.


The Ukrainian Interior Ministry has said that a criminal case had been opened under Article 258 of the Ukrainian Criminal Code, which deals with acts of terrorism. The Security Service of Ukraine, country’s main counter-terrorism authority, will lead the investigation, the Interior Ministry has added.

The Mosiychuk’s colleague, Oleh Lyashko linked the alleged terror strike with the political activity of the wounded Ukrainian Lawmaker.

In June, a colonel in Ukraine’s military intelligence, Maksim Shapova, was killed by an explosion in central Kiev, while in 2016 an investigative journalist, Pavel Sheremet, died in a similar incident.


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