September 27, 2021, 22:17

F-Word Not Taboo: Twitter Celebrates Canadian Broadcast Watchdog’s Decision

F-Word Not Taboo: Twitter Celebrates Canadian Broadcast Watchdog’s Decision

The F-word is one of the most taboo words in the English language, according to some dictionaries, and it is usually replaced in print with such euphemisms as “the F-word” or “f–k.” However, in Canada a radio broadcast watchdog has unbanned it to the delight of many Twitterati.

The Canadian authorities have ruled that the word “f–k” is no longer taboo on French language radio broadcasts because it is now a commonplace word and is no longer so vulgar.

The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council, which had previously banned the word on radio and television, faced a number of complaints from listeners, as the word was aired twice in clips on the French-language Montreal radio station CKOI-FM this year.

In the first clip, the pop queen Madonna could be heard swearing during a women’s march against US President Donald Trump. In the second one, Green Day lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong can be heard saying it in a concert excerpt.

The station argued that the F-word is now “part of the common French spoken language” and therefore does not have “the same vulgar connotations when used in French,” The Guardian reported.

The Canadian Broadcast watchdog therefore changed its mind in a ruling released Wednesday.

“The [CBSC] panel emphasizes, in this regard, that language is evolutionary and reflects current society,” the authorities said, according to the publication.

The CBSC remarked that the word if used infrequently and not as an insult towards a particular person will be seen as acceptable in the context of French-language programming.

The decision launched a storm on Twitter. Many users expressed delight with the Canadian authorities for ruling the F-word okay.

Some users found the new decision amusing.


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