Gotta Go: Cambodia’s Hun Sen to Be Dethroned Like Mugabe, Says Opponent Rainsy

Gotta Go: Cambodia’s Hun Sen to Be Dethroned Like Mugabe, Says Opponent Rainsy

In the wake of ever-growing accusations of human rights abuses and an increasingly dictatorial control, the reign of Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen will soon end, and in a similar fashion to the recent fall of Zimbabwe’s longterm strongman Robert Mugabe, according to Cambodian political opposition leader Sam Rainsy.

Rainsy’s political opposition Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP), which saw significant wins in June elections in the country, was rendered illegal by the Cambodian Supreme Court last week following an edict from the increasingly autocratic Sen, a former follower of Khmer Rouge leader Pol Pot who oversaw the massacre of some 3 million people in the nation between 1959-1999.

The parallels between Africa’s deposed strongman Mugabe — an aging long term leader with a private security force — and Cambodia’s Sen — at 32 years, the world’s longest reigning prime minister  — are easily identifiable according to Rainsy, cited by Reuters.

“Cambodia is at a tipping point,” said Rainsy.

“The people are fed up with Hun Sen and what is happening in Zimbabwe is inspiring,” he said, in an interview with Reuters.

“Mugabe has fallen and it will soon be the turn of Hun Sen, who has become unacceptably anachronistic,” the 62-year-old Rainsy added.

Sen was successful in banning opposition party CNRP and had its leader, Kem Sokha, arrested on September 3, prompting reactions from around the world that the 2018 general elections in Cambodia would be democratic in name only.

Rainsy has called for an increase in global attention to the dictatorial actions of Sen.

“What is important is to show Hun Sen that what he did was unacceptable,” said Rainsy, who added, “The world is not going to do business as usual with this government,” cited by Reuters.


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