April 19, 2021, 20:05

Heil No: Norwegian Students Organize Nazi Party With ‘Auschwitz’ Cocktails

Heil No: Norwegian Students Organize Nazi Party With ‘Auschwitz’ Cocktails

Norway’s esteemed student union in Trondheim has landed in hot water after arranging a “politically incorrect” Nazi-themed party many believed took things way too far.

At the party, which sported Nazi imagery and was teeming with swastikas, visitors were greeted by guards in SS uniforms, whereas the menu adorned with a portrait of Adolf Hitler as a hipster featured such contentious drinks as “Blood and Honor,” “Night and Fog,” “Blitzkrieg” and “Auschwitz.”

In the end, however neither guests nor organization leaders were amused by the event held at students’ main gathering venue.

“I was shocked and upset,” 25-year-old Maja Sandström, who was visiting Trondheim from Östersund, Sweden, told Norwegian broadcasting company NRK.

By her admission, people had to produce their IDs at the entrance and were given some sort of visa with an image of Adolf Hitler.

“The doormen and bartenders were wearing military uniforms, and barbed-wire fencing had been put up on the walls. Some of the doormen were also carrying toy pistols. We left. I think it’s inconceivable to arrange something like this at a student union.”

Sandström said she was ashamed to have paid an entrance fee and said the evening was ruined as a result of what they experienced.

​”This is really unheard of. There may be people who have relatives killed in the war,” Sandström explained. By her own admission, they tried to locate the people responsible, yet no one wanted to claim responsibility.

Tale Bærland, leader of Trondheim’s student union, apologized for the event, which was shut down.

“There were several bartenders who had permission to hold a “politically incorrect” party. As soon as the leader on duty found out what it was about, it was stopped,” Tale Bærland explained, ensuring that it did not reflect the values of the union.

Bærland stressed specifically that the student union distanced itself from anything that had to do with Nazism..

The same week as the unlucky party took place, several hundred people, including Prime Minister Erna Solberg, took to the streets of Oslo to take commemorate the victims of Kristallnacht or Crystal Night, which marked a dramatic escalation in the persecution of Jews in Nazi Germany.

Source: sputniknews.com

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