April 18, 2021, 4:13

Holly Crap! Japanese Flats Where the Loo is a Special Place (PHOTOS)

Holly Crap! Japanese Flats Where the Loo is a Special Place (PHOTOS)

The unique layout of these apartments will turn your visits to the restroom into a truly extraordinary experience.

Remember Japanese ramen restaurants where employees always make sure that there are enough paper rolls in their lavatories, the walls of which are literally studded with countless holders? It seems like toilets generally play a very prominent role in this country. For example, there are a lot of Japanese apartments in which sanitary ware is placed perfectly.

Peter Durfee, a journalist from Tochigi Prefecture, discovered some of the most peculiar flat plans and shared them on his Twitter. In one of them, which can be rented for 96,000 Japanese Yen (US $853) per month, the king-size toilet is the largest room in the entire apartment.

According to another layout, some lucky tenants have the chance to relax in a WC just one step away from their front door.

Meanwhile, some flat plans make access to the facility more intriguing.

In one of his tweets, Durfee also drew attention to a hashtag #クソ物件オブザイヤー2017, which translates as “crappy rental properties of the year 2017.” It appears that Japanese users have been actively sharing odd layouts recently.

Source: sputniknews.com

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