September 22, 2021, 14:25

How Awkward! Michelangelo’s David and Fart Noises in London Museum Takeover

How Awkward! Michelangelo’s David and Fart Noises in London Museum Takeover

When Michelangelo created one of the world’s best-known sculptures, David, it is doubtful he ever envisaged its potential comical value.

Standing 17-feet tall, David, a marble statue of a standing male nude, is housed in the Galleria dell’Accademia in Florence, Italy, although there are various casts on display around the world.

Now plans are being made to augment the cast on show at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, with a speaker to emit the sound of someone breaking wind when a visitor passes by.

According to leaked memo, the 165-year-old museum is considering the proposal as part of a takeover of its galleries by the popular British comic The Beano to celebrate its 80th anniversary in 2018 — although it is now causing a bit of a stink.

“We are in discussion with The Beano about the possibility of a collaboration, but the proposed activity is in development and not confirmed. We’re not in a position to say anything further at the moment,” Zoe Franklin of the V&A told Sputnik.

It is not known if the comic publisher, DC Thomson, is paying the museum to hold the show when it opens in August next year.

Another proposal contained in the memo sent by V&A festival manager Sophie Reynolds is a plan to cover Leonardo da Vinci’s notebook in vinyl comic book signs.

With the subject line “Beano takeover,” Ms. Reynold’s memo reads:

“I am working on The Beano takeover of the V&A, which will take place in August 2018. This will consist of trail of installations/interventions throughout the museum. We are working with The Beano creative team to set the route and choose the locations they would like to use. They are keen to include the cast of David and the notebook of Leonardo da Vinci.’ She goes on to list some of the planned features, which include: ‘display of catapults’; ‘how to make a catapult video’; ‘notebook of Leonardo da Vinci — vinyls on case; and ‘motion-activated speaker near to David — farting noise.”


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