February 24, 2020, 10:03

I Have Seen It on TV: Indian Man Arrested For Stealing 120 TVs From Hotels

I Have Seen It on TV: Indian Man Arrested For Stealing 120 TVs From Hotels

An Indian man had probably set the world record by smuggling as many as 120 TV sets from economy-class hotels across India in just four months.

A senior Bangalore police officer confirmed to the BBC Hindi that local budget hotels were hit by a streak of thefts in the recent months with a great number of TVs being stolen from the properties.

An extensive investigation revealed that a single man was responsible for these disappearances.

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Vasudev Nanaiah was characterized by the witnesses amongst hotel staff as a perfect guest, always “decent and well-behaved”.

The only odd thing about the well-mannered guest was that he would frequently leave the hotels under some pretext often returning with  a new “fairly large suitcase”.

Deputy commissioner of police Chetan Singh Rathor told the BBC that upon arriving at a hotel,  Nanaiah would assess whether the indoor TV-set would fit into his bag, and if not he “got a new one”.

“He would walk in and out of the hotel on some pretext so many times that the hotel reception would not realize when he had walked out with the TV set never to return,” Rathor said.

Even being arrested did not quell Nanaiah’s desire to steal TVs, as he returned to his criminal ways merely days after being released on bail, following the previous failed heist.

This time, the TV thief was caught thanks to his supposed customer’s tip to the police.

The local police have charged Nanaiah with as many as 21 cases of theft that would land him in jail for a long time.

The trial is set to begin shortly.

Source: sputniknews.com

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