It’s Alive! Chinese Students Create the Largest ‘Human’ QR Code in the World

It’s Alive! Chinese Students Create the Largest ‘Human’ QR Code in the World

It took more than 2.5 thousand people to accomplish the record-setting challenge, which was held in China’s Henan province.

The world’s biggest QR code made up with individuals was assembled at Sias International University in the city of Zhengzhou, local media reported on November 6. A record-breaking attempt to form a 51-meter-long and 51-meter-wide figure involved 2,520 people with colorful umbrellas who were arranged in a code pattern.

The event, held on November 1, was organized with the help of Chinese ride-sharing app Didi Express. After the “human” code was scanned, the university received a 1 million yuan (about US $150,600) bonus from Didi Express, which will be handed out to the students.

This is not the first time people in the Chinese city established a record by creating a giant “living” QR code. In April 2014, Coca-Cola held an initiative in Zhengzhou called “Two Dimension Code,” when 2,499 employees and their families gathered with red and white umbrellas, creating a 2,503-square-meter code.

According to Guinness World Records, the largest QR code ever was also achieved in China. In April 2015, Xu He from Cangzhou, Hebei province, created the figure, measuring 36,100 square meters, in a wheat field.


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