July 24, 2021, 15:53

Lufthansa Released Preview of New Throne-Like Business Class Seats

Lufthansa Released Preview of New Throne-Like Business Class Seats

Lufthansa has released a “sneak peek” of their new business class seats fit for royals that will be available to passengers of their Boeing 777-9 jets set to come into service in 2020.

Less than a month since Singapore Airlines announced its business class make over, the German flag carrier Lufthansa shared a preview of their own brand-new business class seats developed for forthcoming Boeing 777-9 aircraft.

The primary advantage of the new seats is that they are set up in a way that allows for more privacy. The middle seat in the 1-1-1 formation may actually be craved for: designed in the “throne” style, it guarantees more personal space.

According to the airline, extra space on the new Boeing 777-9 offering a wider cabin than previous models is being used to facilitate access to the aisle from all seats for business class passengers. At the moment, business class passengers who have a window seat are forced to step over another person to get to the aisle. This inconvenience will be eliminated

Also, the new Lufthansa seats will make sleep comfortable for everyone. While business seats are usually designed to lie flat, they are not designed to provide any special comfort for travelers with different sleeping habits. But the newly developed seats have a special construction allowing for a shoulder to sink in so that those who enjoy sleeping on their side can rest more comfortably. And for people who prefer stretching out there are beds up to 2.2 metres (7 feet) long.

​Business class passengers will also be able to choose between extra-long beds or twice the work space. They will have control over all of the seat functions, ventilation, and in-flight entertainment system. For another bonus, the seats will be equipped with larger monitors.

The airline is reportedly planning to accommodate between 45 to 60 business passengers on the fleet of 34 new planes, but will discard a first class cabin.

The company has not specified if it will retrofit any of their other jets with this new configuration or if it will be exclusive to their new planes.    

Source: sputniknews.com

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