September 27, 2021, 15:57

Manager at UK Parliament Bar Claims She Was Pestered for Sex by 30 MPs

Manager at UK Parliament Bar Claims She Was Pestered for Sex by 30 MPs

A woman who worked as a manager at one of the bars in the British Houses of Parliament has claimed she was pestered for sex by 30 MPs. Her claims come in the wake of a stream of allegations of MPs acting inappropriately towards women researchers and aides.

A 25-year-old woman who worked as a bar manager in the Palace of Westminster has told a tabloid newspaper how she was repeatedly pestered for sex by 30 MPs.

​Alice Bailey said many of the politicians spent much of the day drinking, only occasionally nipping into the chamber to vote in debates.

She told The Sun newspaper many were “obnoxious old pervs” who convinced themselves she would be impressed by their status.

‘Fancied Their Chances’

“They fancied their chances because I was just a young barmaid and in their minds they were very important people who presumed I would be available,” Ms. Bailey said.

Ms. Bailey started working at the Sports and Social Bar in the Houses of Parliament when she was 19, and said one Scottish National Party (SNP) MP came onto her two hours into her first shift.

She said she was propositioned by around 30 MPs over the next four years, the majority of whom she claimed came from constituencies in Scotland and the North of England and spent the week in hotels or apartments in London.

“A lot of the MPs were put up at the Park Plaza Hotel just over Westminster Bridge. They would whisper their room number or drop the key card on the bar. It was pathetic,” she told The Sun.

Ms. Bailey did not name any of them.

Builders ‘Appalled’ by MPs

She said builders working at the House of Commons were “appalled” by the MPs’ behavior.

“I remember a plumber told one MP to shut his dirty mouth after he had been talking openly about sex in front of me. He was embarrassed for me and put him in his place,” said Ms. Bailey, who comes from Walsall in the West Midlands.

Her claims come in the wake of a stream of allegations about MPs acting inappropriately around women.

Dossier Points to 36 MPs

A leaked dossier claimed 36 Conservative MPs had been accused of sexual harassment of aides and staff.

On November 1, Defense Secretary Michael Fallon, resigned from his post after admitting his past behavior may have “fallen below” the standards expected from the armed forces. It followed allegations he had inappropriately touched the knee of a female journalist.

Earlier the same month, the Labour Party launched an investigation into sexual misconduct by MP Kelvin Hopkins, 76, and suspended him after receiving fresh evidence of “inappropriate text messages.”

The Conservative Party suspended Dover MP Charlie Elphicke after “serious allegations” emerged last week.

On October 27, Prime Minister Theresa May said women working in Westminster should go to the police if they have evidence of sexual misconduct.

The Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn promised to stamp out the “warped and degrading” culture that pervades Westminster.


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