Moscow on US’ Call to Cut Ties With DPRK: Better to Focus on Search for Solution

Moscow on US’ Call to Cut Ties With DPRK: Better to Focus on Search for Solution

Pyongyang’s latest missile launch provoked the US to urge the global community to sever all diplomatic, military and trade relations with North Korea.

Russia sees no sense in the US proposal to suspend relations with North Korea in response to its provocative actions, and believes it is necessary to focus on finding a solution to the crisis, according to presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

“To break off ties with North Korea is the easy way out. The question is, how will we reach a settlement?” — Peskov said.

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Earlier in the Day Russian Foreign Minister sergei Lavrov also rejected the possibility of intensified clampdown on North Korea, saying that “the sanctions pressure is essentially exhausted.”

The US’ statement calling for isolation of Pyongyang was issued in response to North Korea’s most powerful ballistic missile test yet, with a range capable of reaching the US territory, according to DPRK’s military. The Korean missile flew 950 kilometers (590 miles) for 53 minutes, after which the missile fell into the Sea of Japan, within the Japanese exclusive economic zone.

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Russia also condemned the missile launch, urging all parties to refrain from further escalating tensions, since “it will only exacerbate the situation, which is already explosive.”


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