November 21, 2019, 18:58

Most Wanted: The Search for ‘Cheating Ben’ Causes Twitter Firestorm in the UK

Most Wanted: The Search for ‘Cheating Ben’ Causes Twitter Firestorm in the UK

A British woman’s tweet exposing a man named Ben, who was bragging about cheating on his girlfriend, went viral, being shared by over 26,000 users.

When Emily Shepherd embarked on a train from Bournemouth to Manchester, she probably did not know that she would become privy to one man’s cheating scheme, let alone a Twitter sensation.

Whilst on her journey, Shepherd overheard a man, named Ben, boasting about cheating on his partner to his friends.

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Acting on a sense of comradery, Shepherd took to social media to warn Ben’s girlfriend about her boyfriend’s conquests.

“If anyone has a boyfriend called Ben on the Bournemouth — Manchester train right now, he’s just told his friends he’s cheating on you. Dump his ass,” Shepherd posted in a tweet.

Following the post, her warning was shared by thousands of people, who embarked on a quest to identify the love rat.

Joining the “Ben hunt,” BBC Two’s Dragon’s Den judge Deborah Meaden tweeted: “Dear cheating Ben… can you please make yourself known before all the non cheating Bens find out where you live.”

However, it seems that the Twitter community’s attempts to find the cheating individual have not succeeded.

“For everyone asking: Ben is yet to be found, I’ve had several messages but nothing yet. I’m now on the Manchester — Bournemouth train and no sign yet… thanks to everyone calling me a grass and a snake, you’re all great X,” Shepherd posted two days later.

They did, however, spark a massive conversation on the social network about cheating partners, privacy and gender equality.


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