April 20, 2021, 6:57

Mr. Fantastic! Pakistani Teen Can Turn His Head 180 Degrees (VIDEO)

Mr. Fantastic! Pakistani Teen Can Turn His Head 180 Degrees (VIDEO)

Dubbed as a “human owl,” the boy with an unbelievable (and a little bit creepy) skill can look backwards without turning his torso around.

Muhammad Sameer from the Pakistani city of Karachi has recently stepped into the spotlight with his enormous flexibility — the 14-year-old boy can rotate his head a complete 180 degrees with the help of his hands to look directly behind him like an owl! He can also rotate his shoulders by 360 degrees.

This ability is not a congenital defect, but the result of long trainings. Inspired by a horror movie actor who turned his head the same way, Muhammad began to exercise regularly and developed this “superpower” in the course of several months.

Sameer’s mother tried to stop him from doing such extreme exercises. But over time, she realized “that was a gift from God,” the talented teenager said. He dropped out of school and joined a dance group, Dangerous Boys, to earn a living and help the family after his father suffered strokes and was forced to quit his job, local media reported. Now Muhammad hopes his elasticity will help him to get a part in a Hollywood movie one day.

Source: sputniknews.com

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