September 27, 2021, 21:40

Nuclear Weapons Become ‘Global Problem’ Again, Threaten World Peace – Vatican

Nuclear Weapons Become ‘Global Problem’ Again, Threaten World Peace – Vatican

A Vatican senior official has delivered a speech at a conference dedicated to the nuclear weapons issue, saying that peace is one of “the deepest longings of the human heart.”

ROME (Sputnik) — Nuclear weapons have once again become a “global problem,” affecting future generations and peace and security of the world, according to Cardinal Peter Turkson, the prefect of Vatican’s Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development.

“We live in a moment of human history when fear of potential global catastrophe has intensified to a point rarely experienced, since the days of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Nuclear weapons have become again a global problem, affecting nations and impacting our future and future generations,” Turkson said at the opening of an international conference “Perspectives for a world free from nuclear weapons and for integral disarmament” as quoted in a statement by the Holy See press office.

Turkson stressed that the event was aimed at sharing good news and encouraging states with nuclear weapons to “persevere in, if not hasten, their ongoing strategic reduction of nuclear arms.”

According to Turkson, the desire for security, stability, and peace is one of “the deepest longings of the human heart,” and it was understandable that, driven by fear, people demand more security and safety. The proliferation of arms of mass destruction in general and nuclear weapons, in particular, was not the right way to respond to such a demand, the cardinal noted.

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In September, Pope Francis called on the international community to make joint efforts for the sake of the world without nuclear weapons by implementing the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), signed in 1968.

The international community has become particularly concerned about the nuclear issue amid a series of nuclear tests performed by North Korea.


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