September 21, 2021, 22:15

‘Pakistani Butcher’: Hitman Suspected of 70 Murders Arrested in Hungary

‘Pakistani Butcher’: Hitman Suspected of 70 Murders Arrested in Hungary

A man from Pakistan wanted by Interpol for 70 cases of contract murders has been arrested in Hungary.

The man, accused of “around 70 contract murders,” was wanted both by Pakistani authorities and Interpol, and was reportedly trying to get to Austria. The 35-year-old known only as Atif Z. was arrested during a raid on an illegal immigrant camp near the Hungarian town of Boly, near the country’s southern border with Serbia and Croatia.

According to a report by Daily News Hungary, Atif Z. intended to use the help of human traffickers to cross the Hungarian-Austrian border. The police reportedly detained 42 illegal immigrants during the raid.

According to media reports, the arrest was the result of a joint operation by Austrian and Hungarian police.

“This case once again shows the importance of international cooperation in combatting crime. I can only congratulate the Austrian investigators on this success,” Austrian Interior Minister Wolfgang Sobotka said, according to International Business Times.

The alleged criminal is presently being held in Hungary, but he will soon be on his way to Vienna where the decision about whether to extradite him to Pakistan is expected to be made in the next few days.

According to a report by RT, there might be complications in the process, since Austrian laws generally prohibit detainees from being extradited to countries where they could face capital punishment. Considering the lengthy list of Atif’s crimes, it is safe to assume that he is going to face exactly that.

Nicknamed the “Butcher of Pakistan,” Atif Z. is one of Islamabad’s most wanted individuals. Pakistani police did not disclose details of his cases to either Hungarian or Austrian authorities.


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