Russian Presidential Hopeful Speaks at Non-Existent Oxford University Society

Russian Presidential Hopeful Speaks at Non-Existent Oxford University Society

The presidential campaign of it-girl turned journalist turned-opposition politician, Ksenia Sobchak, might have taken a rather intriguing turn when she took to an Oxford “Russian” club to present her “against all” bid for Russia’s top job.

Merely weeks after announcing her plans to run in the 2018 Presidential Elections, Sobchak left her electorate in Russia for the UK, the long-favored haven for the Russian opposition.

The former it-girl’s British tour included speeches in London as well as lectures at Britain’s top universities, Oxford and Cambridge.

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However, the Moscow socialite may have found herself in a tricky situation, when she attended an event organized by an unregistered club that is not actually affiliated with the University of Oxford.

While there exists an official “Oxford Russian Society” at the University of Oxford, Sobchak went to present a lecture at the “Oxford Russian Club” which does not have an official status at Britain’s oldest academic institution.

The Club operates independently from the University of Oxford, and in parallel with its official Oxford Russian Society which is included in the list of registered student organizations.

Being an unregistered organization that is not connected to the University of Oxford, the Oxford Russian Club simply could not have issued a formal invitation to Sobchak on behalf of the University, potentially putting her in a tricky situation.

The Club’s website indeed omits overt references to official affiliation with the University, though it suggests being the same society that was started at Oxford by Felix Yousupoff, the Russian noble and one of the assassins of Siberian mystic Rasputin, in 1909.

It is unclear whether Sobchak made a mistake by attending the unregistered club’s event or whether she was simply not invited by the official society, as the video released by the presidential candidate does not specify whether she is presenting at the official University of Oxford event. 


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