April 16, 2021, 4:48

San Diego Mall Cop Caught Harassing Hispanic Woman (VIDEO)

San Diego Mall Cop Caught Harassing Hispanic Woman (VIDEO)

In a bizarre series of events, a mall cop parked outside of a San Diego Target retail store was caught on camera harassing a woman he accused of being in the US illegally.

“You’re illegally here and you’re having babies and you’re probably on welfare,” the guard is heard telling the woman. “We got you on YouTube last time, you and your other friends.”

Warning: This video contains harsh language.

Only seconds after the man’s attack began, a concerned citizen exiting the store intervened.

“This is a security guard, he is not a policeman,” the unidentified woman says. “Ignore him and walk away. He is not a policeman.”

The incident was already being filmed by Sonia Serrano Zavala when the concerned shopper approached the security guard sitting in a golf cart.

“You leave those people alone,” the concerned woman yells out. “You’re being mean to these people.”

The guard responded, saying he wasn’t “being mean” and that woman he claimed was undocumented put her baby in danger by standing in the “red zone,” an area the guard deemed unfit for standing in.

The guard continued, claiming the woman was panhandling.”[If] you’re so worried about her why don’t you give her some money then,” the guard fires back at the shopper.

Speaking to ABC 10 News, the unnamed security guard company servicing the Grove Shopping Center in San Diego released a statement on the incident Monday.

“The behavior of this employee is not reflective of the standards we have set for our security professionals, and we will address it,” the company wrote.

Source: sputniknews.com

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