January 20, 2018, 0:24

SDF Units Coordinating Efforts in Syria With Russia Despite Cooperation With US

SDF Units Coordinating Efforts in Syria With Russia Despite Cooperation With US

The former co-chairman of the Kurdish Democratic Union Party says that Syrian Democratic Forces are coordinating with Russia on the ground near the city of Afrin and its outskirts.

CAIRO (Sputnik) – The Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces continue to cooperate with Russian servicemen despite coordination of their efforts with the United States, Salih Muslim, the former co-chairman of the Democratic Union Party (PYD), told Sputnik on Tuesday.

“We are cooperating with everyone: the United States, Russia. We are free in our activities. We are coordinating [with Russia] on the ground near [the city of] Afrin and its outskirts and that is good,” Muslim said, adding that the forces were also coordinating efforts with the US-led coalition.

The politician expressed hope that Russia would manage to promote peace in Syria.

“We believe that the Russians can bring peace to the Syrian people, the peaceful resolution of conflict for all nationalities: Kurds, Assyrians and Arabs. Russia is a friend for everyone, that is why, it can play a very positive role, especially in persuading the regime [Syrian government], which still hopes to achieve a military solution,” Muslim added.

In late October, Russian President Vladimir Putin put forward an idea to create a congress made up of all ethnic groups in Syria. Putin said that establishing such a congress could be an important step toward reaching a political settlement and creating a new national constitution.

Russia is actively involved in solving the Syrian conflict by engaging in a military operation against terrorist organizations, serving as a mediator in the Astana reconciliation talks and guarantor of the Syrian ceasefire, as well as by providing civilians with humanitarian aid.

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