October 22, 2020, 0:03

Slovak Right-Wing Party Leader Defeated in Regional Election

Slovak Right-Wing Party Leader Defeated in Regional Election

The huge influx of migrants, as well as an economic crisis, bolstered support for right-wing parties across Europe, however, Slovakia turns out to be an exception.

PRAGUE (Sputnik) — Marian Kotleba, the leader of Slovakia’s right-wing parliamentary party, failed to get re-elected as the governor of the central Banska Bystrica region in Saturday’s election, the press service of Slovakia’s Statistics Office said after 99.99 percent of votes were counted.

Kotleba, who heads the People’s Party — Our Slovakia, received 24 percent of the vote, while independent candidate Jan Lunter, who represented joint anti-fascist alliance, won the region with 48.5 percent, according to the press service.

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On the eve of the election, Slovak President Andrej Kiska said that one of the main goals of the election was to “defeat extremist forces and modern Nazis.”

The People’s Party — Our Slovakia denies any allegations of being linked to fascism, however, Kotleba is facing extremist charges and party members took part in torch-lit marches wearing uniforms like those in Slovak Nazi puppet state during the World War Two.

A total of 29.96 percent of registered voters or 1.32 million people took part in the election, and no significant incidents were registered during the vote.

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Slovak regional self-governance bodies manage the budget of 1.25 billion euros ($1.45 billion) and administer hospitals, schools, museums, theaters, and regional highways.

Source: sputniknews.com

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