June 26, 2019, 14:12

Social Media Erupts at US Move of Embassy to Jerusalem

Social Media Erupts at US Move of Embassy to Jerusalem

US President Donald Trump’s scheduled announcement on December 6 that the American embassy in Israel will move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem has attracted condemnation from Twitter users across the globe.

Trending Twitter handles include #SaveAlQuds and #FreePalestine, as well as an Arabic handle declaring “Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine forever.”

The intended move of the embassy has provoked outrage around the world with even America’s allies counselling against the move.

Pope Francis publicly rebuked the American president, stating that he hoped to see the official international position on Jerusalem as a disputed city is maintained.

In Parliamentary Question Time, British Prime Minister Theresa May reiterated that her Government’s position on Jerusalem remained unchanged.

Even Saudi Arabia has attempted to caution the US against the measure, with King Salman reportedly conveyed to President Trump that going ahead without any positive developments on the Peace Process would be seen by the Muslim World as a provocation.

Source: sputniknews.com

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