September 27, 2021, 20:49

Spanish Supreme Court Releases Catalan Parliament Speaker on Bail

Spanish Supreme Court Releases Catalan Parliament Speaker on Bail

Catalonia’s defiant lawmaker Carme Forcadell was set free after she paid a hefty sum of 150,000 euros ($174,600) in bail for her role in the region’s push for independence.

“Going back home with a calm confidence of having acted correctly: guaranteeing freedom of expression in parliament, the seat of national sovereignty,” Forcadell tweeted.

The Supreme Court has released the Catalonia’s lawmaker after four other Catalan legislators were set free the day before after being told to pay each 25,000 euros of bail money within a week.

Madrid put them all on trial after a vast majority of those who turned out for the October 1 referendum in the northeastern region of Catalonia voted for a split from Spain. The vote has been deemed illegal by Madrid. However, On October 27, the majority of Catalan lawmakers backed the resolution, outlining the independence declaration.

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has subsequently dismissed the Catalan government and its head Carles Puigdemont, dissolved the Catalan parliament and called a snap parliamentary election for December 21.

The Spanish Court then ordered to place eight former members of the Catalan government into custody, and issued an international arrest warrant for Puigdemont and four ex-ministers, who are currently in Belgium.


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