October 20, 2019, 19:47

Ten Russian Universities Rank High in BRICS’ Top 50

Ten Russian Universities Rank High in BRICS’ Top 50

The leading Russian university, the MSU, has been ranked fifth.

Ten Russian higher educational institutions are among BRICS top 50 Universities 2018, thus showing the best performance throughout the history of the ranking, as was published by Britain’s QS company.

The evaluation criteria included the so-called ‘effectiveness indexes’ showed by the universities in the five fast-developing countries, namely academic reputation, student-teacher ratio, the amount of research done by professors, as well as the number  of foreign students attending classes.

This year’s ranking features top 300 BRICS Universities, including 68 Russian ones.

Russia’s leading Moscow State University (MSU), has climbed back to the top five, after it lost its position last year and fell to spot 7.

A whole lot of other Russian higher educational establishments ranked high, as of the QS findings: State Universities of Novosibirsk (position 11 on the list), St. Petersburg (position 13), and Tomsk, ranking 26th. Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology has climbed to spot 28, nearly twenty points higher than in last year’s ranking. The top fifty has for the first time featured the Higher School of Economics, which has leapt from point 62 to 39, and Tomsk Polytechnic University currently ranking 49th.

“No other countries can boast of such tremendous progress. This is an indicator of Russian institutions advancing dramatically in their performance, leaving their rivals far behind. Neverless, China is still taking the lead, with 39 Chinese universities included in the rating”, — the organizers pointed out.

China’s Tsinghua University has enjoyed the highest marks in the rating for five years in a row, closely followed by Beijing University, Fudan University and University of Science and Technology of China.

Source: sputniknews.com

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