September 26, 2020, 23:12

The Hounds of Mudhol: India’s First Local Canine Breed to Join Military

The Hounds of Mudhol: India’s First Local Canine Breed to Join Military

The Mudhol Hounds that are sleeker compared to German Shepherds or Labradors are known for their sharp sight, agility and unmatched loyalty to their masters. The first batch of these sight-hounds will join the Indian Army’s dog squad in December this year.

New Delhi (Sputnik) – The Mudhol hounds, an indigenous breed of sight hounds, are soon going to join the Indian Army’s dog squad. The squad currently comprises foreign breeds like the German Shepherd, Great Swiss Mountain dog, and the Labrador. The indigenous canines are thinner and taller in appearance and are characterized by drooping ears and elongated jaws.

The Army’s Remount and Veterinary Corps (RVC) centre in Meerut has trained eight Mudhol hounds and a high-profile induction ceremony is scheduled for December.

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“Mudhol sight hounds have been trained for surveillance and border protection purposes. The slim breed is known for its endurance, stamina, sharpness and agility. It is known for its disease resistance; however, these dogs are not tolerant to very low temperature,” a defense official told to Sputnik.

​It is said that the Mudhol hound is a cross-breed of Persian and Turkish canines of the family with local dogs. The erstwhile king of Mudhol, now a district in the southern state of Karnataka, Maloji Ghorpade in 1930s selectively bred the best specimens and gifted a pair of these hounds to King George V of the British Kingdom. King George V had christened the name of this breed to ‘Mudhol Hounds’.

For last seven years, Indian scientists are engaged in reviving the pure-bred Mudhol hounds in Karnataka with the help of local dog breeders who are making good money by selling them to pet owners at approximately $50 a puppy.


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