April 19, 2021, 21:30

Toddler Mowed Down by Speeding Car (VIDEO)

Toddler Mowed Down by Speeding Car (VIDEO)

A passerby jumped and picked up the two-year-old boy who was mowed down by a speeding car. The video also shows the driver of the vehicle that hit him coming back to the spot.

New Delhi (Sputnik) — A chilling footage of a two-year-old being mowed down by a speeding car has emerged from India’s southern state of Telengana. The horrific incident reportedly took place in a residential colony in the outskirts of the state capital Hyderabad.

After being hit by the vehicle, locals took the child to three nearby hospitals, all of which refused to attend to the child. The toddler finally succumbed to his injuries before reaching the fourth hospital.

The leaked CCTV footage of the incident is being widely circulated on social media with angry comments against the hospitals that refused to treat the child.

The video shows the child trying to cross a road alone. He presumably failed to see the approaching vehicle.

The incident was caught on multiple CCTV cameras placed in the locality. The victim has been identified as Jaswanth, son of Nagesh. The kid was with his uncle at the time of the fateful incident, but the boy, a son of a laborer couple, rushed out of the shop while his uncle was paying the bill for the chocolates they had just purchased from a grocery shop.

The video shows that the road was almost empty and had a turning a little ahead. The video also suggests that the accident could have been averted had the driver been alert.

Local police told media that the driver has been taken into custody and a case of negligent driving causing the death of a person has been registered.



Source: sputniknews.com

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