April 20, 2021, 7:01

Trick-or-Trump: US President’s Cringeworthy Meeting With Reporters’ Children

Trick-or-Trump: US President’s Cringeworthy Meeting With Reporters’ Children

Don’t worry kids, you’ll get your candy – right after the president insults your parents.

US President Donald Trump has said he does not like to take breaks and today was no different, despite being surrounded by the children of reporters at a Halloween event.

Trump opens the trick-or-treat event at the White House complex by announcing he “cannot believe the media produced such beautiful children,” before inviting them over with a tap of his hand. “How the media did this, I don’t know,” he mused.

​Before long, an apprehensive Batgirl catches his eye and after learning of her Japanese descent, informs the stoic child he’s “going to be in Japan in a couple of weeks.”


Before rewarding the children with candy, President Trump asks, “you gonna grow up to be like your parents?” and quickly stops himself when one princess responds with a deadpan stare.


Always one to champion healthy living, the president cheerfully observes, “you have no weight problems, that’s the good news,” as he passes out White House candy to the kids.

Twitter, predictably, had a field day with the exchange:

​To be fair, Trump played his role well, because undermining a group of children’s parents right in front of them is indeed pretty spooky.

Source: sputniknews.com

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