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Trump Answers Outgoing GOP Senators’ Criticism: They ‘Act so Hurt and Wounded’

Trump Answers Outgoing GOP Senators’ Criticism: They ‘Act so Hurt and Wounded’

Trump Answers Outgoing GOP Senators’ Criticism: They ‘Act so Hurt and Wounded’
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After holding a meeting with Republican senators, which he described a “love fest,” the US president has again taken to Twitter to slam the retiring GOP lawmakers, who stepped up criticism against Trump after deciding not to run for re-election.

The US president has lashed out at Arizona Senator Jeff Flake, who hours ago announced his decision not to seek re-election and hashly criticized his policies echoing the statements made by retiring Tenessee Senator Bob Corker, who has been engaged in a “war of words” with Donald Trump over the course of this month.

“The reason Flake and Corker dropped out of the Senate race is very simple, they had zero chance of being elected. Now act so hurt & wounded!” Trump wrote on Twitter.

He further cited Flake’s “18% approval rating in Arizona” after the US senator had delivered a bombshell, saying he is retiring, explaining his move in an op-en for the Post, saying, “It is time we all say: Enough.” “For the next 14 months, relieved of the strictures of politics, I will be guided only by the dictates of conscience.”

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Trump’s Twitter “crusade” came less than a day after he had slammed the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Corker, calling him “incompetent,” after the senator had strongly criticized Trump in an interview with CNN and on Twitter. Corker has revealed that he considers Trump to be an “utterly untruthful president” and said he would “no way” support his candidacy in the future election. A similar exchange of accusations between Trump in Corker came earlier this month, with the Republican lawmaker comparing the White House with an “adult day care center.”

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Interestingly, Trump responded to Corker’s latest critical remarks just hours ahead of a critically important meeting with the Republicans on taxes.

Trump himself described the meeting as a “love fest with standing ovations and great ideas for USA!” and promising the “biggest tax cut in the U.S. history.”

Five days earlier, the US Senate voted by a slim majority in favor of a draft budget for the next fiscal year clearing the way for the Republican-proposed tax cuts. The budget blueprint aims to reduce domestic spending by $5.1 trillion. The measure will allow the Senate Finance Committee to increase the deficit by $1.5 trillion over a decade in order to conduct a comprehensive tax reform, while instructing the Energy and Natural Resources Committee to save $1 billion.


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