February 21, 2019, 19:05

Trump’s Invitation to Paw Over Women: ‘He Actually Said It’ – Billy Bush

Trump’s Invitation to Paw Over Women: ‘He Actually Said It’ – Billy Bush

As multiple allegations regarding prominent figures’ sexual misconduct have grabbed the spotlight, an old story featuring Mr. Trump has resurfaced.

In his article to the New York Times op-ed, Billy Bush, former TV host, has rejected Donald Trump’s claims that it was not him recorded on the “Hollywood Access” [show earlier hosted by Billy Bush] tape, made public by the Washington Post in October last year.

Bush, who was recorded listening to Trump’s dirty comments about grabbing women “by the pussy,” countered outright the recent reports that the US president was denying the remarks. “It hit a raw nerve in me,” he noted, adding “Of course, he said it.” Bush remarked that the whole story echoes the accounts of at least 20 women who have recently accused Trump of sexual misconduct, which makes the accusations much more realistic.

The much-spoken-of tape sent shockwaves through American political circles back then, even more so after Trump went still further saying everything is permissible as long as you are “a star.” “You can do anything,” he resumed back in 2016, according to the unveiled tape script.

Although the revelation was a big blow to Trump’s popular vote, with a number of prominent Republicans withdrawing their support for Trump after the tape was published, he managed to successfully end the presidential campaign.

At the time, Trump apologized for his remarks, yet there have since been several reports of him insisting he doesn’t believe the tape is authentic.

Billy Bush’s reappearance has immediately caused a storm of reactions on Twitter, with the lion’s share of comments slamming his attempt to dig up something which has long been buried. One of the twitterians even referred to Bush’s op-ed as a “redemption tour,” while others openly said it was natural for the sacked journalist to get back to the issue to try to take revenge:

​There are, though, voices of gratitude over Bush’s striving to draw the public’s attention to yet another allegation, the most prominent one, over harassment issues.

Since he was fired from his position as a co-host at the Today Show Bush has left the public eye and tried other walks of life, yoga and meditation among others. 

The now uncovered details come at a moment of increased focus on allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct, involving prominent figures in politics, media and the arts, such as producer Harvey Weinstein and actor Kevin Spacey.

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