February 22, 2018, 7:55

UK Police Request Manchester Bomber’s Brother Extradition From Libya – Reports

UK Police Request Manchester Bomber’s Brother Extradition From Libya – Reports

The brother of the Manchester Arena attacker, who blew himself up after the end of Ariana Grande’s concert, is suspected of a conspiracy to cause the blast that killed 22 people.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) — Manchester police have announced that they were “perilously close” to bringing murder charges against the brother of Salman Abedi who set off a bomb at a pop concert in May.

“Hashem Abedi is currently detained in Libya and the CPS has now requested that Libyan authorities consider his extradition back to the United Kingdom,” Assistant Chief Constable Russ Jackson was quoted as saying by the Manchester Evening News.

According to him, a warrant for the arrest of Salman Abedi’s sibling was submitted on Wednesday to the Libyan authorities who promptly granted it. Hashed Abedi, who is currently believed to be held by a militia group in Libya, is suspected of a conspiracy to cause the explosion outside the Manchester Arena.

If the suspect is extradited, he will be immediately taken into custody and charged.

Manchester Attack

In late May, an explosion occurred outside the Manchester Arena at the end of US singer Ariana Grande’s concert, leaving 22 people dead and some 120 injured, with many of them being children. UK police have identified 22-year-old Salman Abedi as the suspected perpetrator of the attack, which was claimed by Daesh terror group.

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Salman Abedi, the Manchester-born Daesh sympathizer, who had reportedly received bomb-making training in Libya, deliberately targeted children attending the concert.

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