US Envoy to UN Accuses Iran of ‘Providing Weapons to Houthis in Yemen’

US Envoy to UN Accuses Iran of ‘Providing Weapons to Houthis in Yemen’

The US envoy to the UN has blamed Iran for the recent Yemeni Houthi rebel attack targeting Saudi Arabia in a claim repeatedly denied by Tehran.

“By providing these types of weapons to the Huthi [Houthi] militias in Yemen, Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps is violating two UN resolutions simultaneously,” US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley has claimed.

She referred to the information that a ballistic missile launched by the Houthis into Saudi Arabia in July 2017 was allegedly an‎ Iranian Qiam, the type of weapon that was not present in Yemen before the start of the conflict.

“We encourage the release of any information that will help to hold Iran accountable for its support of violence and terrorism in the region and the world…The United States is committed to containing Iran’s destabilizing actions and will not turn a blind eye to these serious violations of international law by the Iranian regime,” Haley has stated.

Houthis’ Missile Attack

Haley’s statement comes several days after Saudi Arabia intercepted a missile launched by the Yemeni Houthi rebels, prompting the US president’s reaction, who has also blamed Iran for the attack.

While Saudi Arabia accuses Iran, its key rival in the region, of allegedly arming and training the rebels in Yemen, Tehran has strongly denied the claims, although it makes no secret of the country’s political support for the Houthis.

Most recently, Iran has commented on a claim by Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman who had blamed Tehran over alleged arms supplies to the Houthis, calling the allegations “contrary to reality.”

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In Yemen, the Houthis have been involved in the armed conflict with forces backed by the Saudi-led coalition since 2015. The conflict has resulted in a dire humanitarian situation in the country, with millions in need of various kinds of assistance.


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